Welcome to the
Spybaby Vintage

Visit Spybaby Vintage
downstairs at Peter Rhodes Books

21 Portswood Road
SO17 2ES

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hello @ spybabyvintage.com
call 07986 370 543
or 07979 291 056

Spybaby Vintage - a cosy basement boutique in Portswood - uptown Southampton, UK.

We are lucky to have a bookshop/co
ffee shop upstairs, so the place is always humming with people chatting and enjoying a cuppa - it's a lovely place to be.

We open the same times as the bookshop: 10am - 5pm Tuesday to Saturday. It's a happy arrangement; we can make co
ffee if they are busy, and they are happy to sell you a dress!

Come in and see us soon! MAP HERE