The 5Ds - or why people sell vintage clothes

We have range of sources for our stock (mostly secret!), but we particularly enjoy buying clothes from the original owners of garments who, for one reason or another, feel it's time to get them off the hangers and out of the house.

But why do people choose to sell their lovely things?

Kerry Taylor classifies the reasons as

The 4 Ds
  • Divorce - who wants to hang on the the dress that he bought you once you have split up, even if it is couture?

  • Diet - clothes can become just too big, although more usually too small. Don't keep those tight/baggy dresses hanging around to depress you - get rid them!

  • Debt - in these credit crunch times, this has got to be the biggy. Selling off vintage pieces can be a way to realise some cash when the going gets tough...

    and of course the last one is
  • Death - this can be the time when beautiful clothes kept for decades come on to the market.
We would add one more D to the list and that's:
  • Downsize - moving to a smaller place, or just scaling down possessions to de-clutter, people sell their lovely old things because they need to give the cupboard space to something else.

If you have clothes, shoes or accessories from the 1980s or earlier that you want to move to a new home for whatever reason, please get in touch. We are happy to come to you if you have a collection, or you can always bring examples into the shop.

We can advise you on what you have, the possible value of it, how to care for it and what options you have for disposing of it.

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